Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

About Us

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Our AI-based identity verification and facial recognition paired with blockchain-based digital document management has automated KYC. It reduces operational cost and most importantly, customer onboarding time and experience for businesses while eliminating major threats like identity theft, money laundering, and financial terrorism.

Our online money transfer platforms and white-label solutions along with reverse payment gateways empower immigrants, emigrants, and businesses to instantly send money internationally.

The Journey So Far...

You Won’t Mind A Little Bragging, Right?

Within 2 years, we have successfully processed 653,001 transactions with a total worth of $200 million which is still growing at 30% as more organizations from around the world join hands with us to make a better tomorrow.

AlphaFortress has challenged and radically improved KYC and made this tedious process simpler, faster and more reliable while safeguarding the interests of customers, businesses and regulators and we strive to do the same for more sectors in the future including Healthcare, Retail, Human Resource, Logistics, and more.

Our Leadership Team

Alphas Who Built The Fortress

Our team of builders and growers under the best leadership use advanced technological infrastructure under a value-driven culture. And we, at Alpha Fortress, grow stronger every day.

Kunbi Oguneye
Chief Executive Officer
Mustafa Shahanshah
Director / Chief Technical Officer
Jeetesh Sisodia

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