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Secure your Money Transfer business from these high-risk threats?


Fig: Solutions to Save MSBs & Financial Institution


  • Customers, Regulators, Investors, and the entire FMI industry is in great danger if these high-risk threats are not tackled imminently.
  • Financial Institutions have been fined $1.1 billion for incompliant to regulation.
  • SMEs MSBs & FIs are under constant threats which are affecting their business and customers.
  • AlphaFortress has developed solutions for MSBs bringing a new-age digital evolution.
  • Instant Identity verification, effortless KYC document manager & smart regulatory compliance risk management and an array of features in our solutions will transform FMI.

Migrants have been the silent demographic behind the economic growth and financial stability of lower-and-middle-class economies in the underdeveloped and developing countries. For thousands of years, people have travelled across unknown lands and oceans looking for better opportunities, safety, economic growth and financial stability of their families back home barely surviving in their origin country.

From unregulated to regulated economics, financial institutions have been with these people helping and growing with them along the way. Alas! The problems of the traditional world order have come to haunt the Fintech & RegTech industry.

The imminent question is - How KYC Block’s ecosystem of advanced micro-services and AlphaFortress’ white label solutions help MSBs increase Y-o-Y revenue growth, ensure smart compliance to regulators and provide cheaper transactional cost to your customers while We have to see

Increased Business Risk

The world and time have changed a lot from sending money personally, using third-party services (both formal and informal channels) and now with the advent of the internet through digital channels. However, with the closure of many Money Services Businesses (MSBs) by regulatory agencies and extended identity verification time, the customers have been experiencing a growing fear of de-risking or de-banking in the low-and-middle-class economies & underdeveloped countries.

The Problems

What exactly is happening in the global remittances industry?

While the global remittance markets have been growing significantly every year. With the advancement in technologies and communication channels, migrants have also shifted from low-paying jobs to higher-paying jobs be it an Investment Banker or Software Developer. The global remittance industry is expected to grow by

The industry is experiencing a major shift and these problems are affecting everyone —

  • Inefficient Identity Verification System
  • Stringent AML and CFT compliance laws and regulations.
  • Obsolete business operation tools and technologies

Poisoning the Financial Health

De-risking, stringent regulations and obsolete technologies are the biggest threat to the FMI industry.

While major Financial Institutions have kept themselves somewhat afloat from this destructive wave of stringent KYC and AML/CFT regulatory penalties and incompetent & obsolete identity verification, system. These issues are not limited to major FIs at all. These major players have been pouring heavily to fill the hole of their sinking ship… that we’re all in… It’s sad to see that they’re far away from any major grounding solutions. Just in 2019, major banks have been fined $1.1 billion for their misconduct and failure to comply with KYC regulations and AML compliance laws. [1]. While they have stayed afloat so with patches and quick fixes in their system, here & there, these obsolete systems and outdated models will eventually create irreparable damage to their businesses that cannot be patched any more. However, we may try it!

So, what about the small guy, those MSBs living on the edge with a constant fear that any regulatory fines could be the death of their business?…. With the billions in cash reserve like major FIs, small businesses have always been the fastest point of impact. However, may we say it, but the hard truth is that these problems are affecting not only MSBs, but these are spreading like a wildfire to Investors, Regulators, Customers and the entire FMI fraternity.

The Hope of Change

Wait a minute…So, there is no hope of a change in this hapless FMI world. And…My answer always will be……(drum rolls)… My friend! Be positive and have some faith in Us

From Then to Now, the world has created cheaper and affordable communication channels and better technologies have replaced obsolete traditional systems. However, growth in the MSBs has not been so fast compared to other industries. Customers, investors, businesses and regulatory bodies are still trapped in the complicated web of obsolete technologies and inefficient business models. However, the spirit of entrepreneurship, customer service and financial inclusion has kept this fire of change, MSBs and financial institutions have started to look for improved business models and better Fintech solutions.

We have been studying the state of transition MSBs industry and discussing vehemently with many industry leaders about the need for adaptation of new & advanced FinTech Solutions across the Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) industry. While the Financial Institutions have been poisoned with the same problems that are dominant across every other financial institution.

The Change Is Here

Future is our Destiny ... Change is inevitable... My friend! Get ready for the digital evolution of your business?

What is this change are we talking about?… And… How will this change digitally evolve your MSBs?…The change has arrived in the form of a Free White label website with 100% customisable, state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence-and-Blockchain-powered Identity Verification and Document Management system with a mobile application to digitise your business, create a unique identity, improve business operation, deliver an exceptional Customer Experience (CX) and generating higher revenue flow. AlphaFortress in association with Choice International has developed solutions for every UK and USA-based SMEs MSB and FIs.

The Solution

Smart Regulation Management, Advanced Instant Identity Verification and Efficient CX to generate high revenue influx — are the core principles of our solutions. To reduce your business operational burden, we have divided our solution into two parts:

  • Customer/User Side
  • Business Operation/Admin Side

Customer Side


Fig: HomePage of the Website

By empowering your business digitally, you can improve your customer experience, create your own unique business identity by sprinkling your own flavour of customisation. Customers will be welcomed with an aesthetic website. Drive business growth and improve business visibility, tell the world about your business while making a long-term organic relationship with customers through informative screens on the website like — Sign In, Register, About Us, Contact Us, FAQs, Customer Testimonials, Business Policies (Refund Policy & Privacy Policy) & Terms and Conditions.


Fig: Customer Sign In Page

Your customers can easily register through email and mobile number, as a security measure, our security protocols mandate the users to verify their email address and mobile number.


Fig: User Dashboard

  • Dashboard:
  • From email verification to recent transactions, every important detail is available on the dashboard for your customers to start their money transfer journey.
  • ID Check:
  • Knowing your customers better for your business! Customers can easily provide their personal details and upload their photographic identity documents to instantly verify their identity. Customer Onboarding is as quick as it can get.
  • Add Beneficiary:
  • Add the beneficiary details and how they want to transfer their funds, be it through a ‘Bank’ or ‘Cash’. If you have payout locations in the beneficiary countries, then your customer can choose those locations. Just enter the beneficiary details, choose the type of transaction, and add bank details or payout location. Voila! it’s done.
  • Send Money:
  • Sending Money from the UK & USA has been made as simple as it can get. From ‘add transactions’ option, just select the beneficiary, add currency, Customers can see the conversion rates and enter credentials into the payment gateway. Boom! From the first transaction to unlimited transaction can be done by the customers

We know a mobile application is a necessity for today’s businesses, so we have got you covered!

Admin Side


Fig: Admin Dashboard

Building Robust, secure, intuitive and advanced platform for the FMI has always been the objective of our team at AlphaFortress. We know that business analytics and real-time transactional data is the blood of the FMI industry, so we have armed your business with the ability to define roles for your team with special permissions and controls.

  • Dashboard — Data is fuel to power the growth of every modern business. From transactions, beneficiary to user data, you will receive every data and business insights into your business from an intuitive dashboard.
  • Users — From customer registration to ID verification, you can access and control every activity of your customers. From months and days to instantly, customer onboarding has been made easy and quick. With ‘Manual Approval, you can manually approve a customer, however, this process is permanent and cannot be reversed. If you find any user activity and transactions to be suspicious, you can ‘Block’ the user and conduct your thorough investigation. Once you find them safe to do business with ‘Unblock’ them with a single click.
  • Beneficiary — Control the customer revenue flow in your business with every detail information about your business.
  • Transactions — Financial Success of your business depends on every successful transaction. Every transactional detail is available on our platform for MSBs.

Fig: Conversion Rates

  • Conversion Rate—Your business has control over the types of destination currencies and set your conversion rates for your customers that will be displayed on the website.
  • Fees- Customers like and respect businesses which are just and transparent with their policies. With a ‘Fixed’ or on a ‘Percentage’ basis, define the fees you want to charge your customers on each transaction and will be available to the customers when they make any transaction.
  • Sending Currency — View, disable or enable the currencies on your platform for your customers.
  • Admins Users— Collaboration and communication in a team is necessary for successful business operations. With ‘Admin’ and ‘Agent’ roles, you can set access control/permission to your set information flow within your team members.
Enhanced With RIch Features
More features = More Power to your business! All it takes is one smart decision to transform every business!

The enhanced features offering your business and customer everyday peace of mind through:

  • Cheaper transaction costs,
  • Quick onboarding time,
  • Instant KYC verification process,
  • Frictionless team Collaboration tools for improved operational workflow.
  • Zero-delay direct digital payments and funds transfer.
  • Enhanced data security
  • Global compliance-risk management
  • Personalised User Experience

Powerful decisions, effective communications, exceptional customer service, efficient quality improvement and strategic & tactical plans are the core principles behind the success of every great business. To assist your business with the achieve goals, we have strengthened your business with these features —


Fig: KYC DNA — Instant Identity Verification

  • Instant ID Verification
  • With an Artificial Intelligence-powered deep web search, KYC DNA, every customer information and documents are analysed and searched across every public and private; KYC, AML and CFT databases for confirmed identity match for an individual’s real world identity. Gain the happiness of your Customers and
  • AML PEP Sanction Screening
  • Performing AML PEP Sanction screening into an individual’s identity is a necessity for every MSBs. With auto-generated Identity Assurance Level (IAL-1,2,3) and Authenticator Assurance Level (AAL 1,2,3) reports, your business can be completely risk-free about the identity of the individual and move forward at the right time for overall revenue growth.

ID-Day-Video Identification & Facial recognition

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Customer and business are secure from the unknown security threat with Multi-factor Authentication like Password, 2SV, Biometric, OTP, Facial Recognition through ID-Day; cryptographically encrypted soft-tokens and hardware security keys are the best security layer with instant identity verification.
  • With Instant Video Identification and Mobile Identification, you can reduce operational cost, seamless integration with microservices, and interconnectivity.
  • “Future is uncertain and Change is the only constant!”
  • Periodic Review and Fraud Monitoring
  • MSBs should not live on the edge with uncertainty and changes in user activity. With a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly periodic review into your customer’s document & digital identity, secure your business and your customers. Continuous Fraud Monitoring is vital for the survival of MSBs from millions of regulatory fines, you can sleep completely risk-free by knowing the unknown and stop risky business transactions by blocking suspicious individuals.

KYC Block — Digital Identity Document Manager

  • Digital Identity Document Management
  • With a Blockchain-based Digital Identity Document Manager, KYC Block, stores and manages your customer’s identity documents into highly secure and encrypted decentralised databases.
  • We have provided your business and customers with a sovereign identity for data privacy concerns, removes human error and negligence with automatic duplicate data elimination. Receive granular access to every customer data and transactions data.

Fig: Mobile Application (iOS & Android)

  • Custom Mobile App
  • Mobile application to way for business to improve visibility with a unique brand identity, generate revenue faster and create a flexible customer engagement & business approach. Equip your customers with a cross-platform mobile app (iOS & Android).
  • Brand Identity With Custom Reports
  • Creating a unique brand identity and improving the visibility of their business is the X-factor behind every successful business. With your brand name in every report to the bank statement, improve your brand reputation.
  • Marketing Analytics & Promotional Activity
  • The world is going digital faster than it can be imagined. People are searching for businesses that are simple, fast, affordable and deliver an advanced solution to their problems. Establish how people perceive your brand and how it appears on various social media channels. Clicks, views, videos and images are used to decide how customers perceive your brands. With marketing analytics data, devise strategic plans and run online promotional activity to attract more customers, converts leads into sales for faster and organic overall revenue growth.
  • On-the-go Business Expansion
  • Global Outreach & highly scalable business processes are the definitions of a successful business. With a free business expansion license, businesses in the UK & USA can expand their businesses to India, Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya at zero extra cost.
  • SLA-based Maintenance and Support
  • For any issues, suggestion or feedback with our solutions, we have a dedicated 24x7 SLA-based Customer Support team for our MSBs and partners. If you are experiencing any technical issues or suggestions, you can contact our SLA-based Technical Resolution team through email, phone or chat. With a vision to arm SMEs MSBs and financial institutions and create a flexible and highly scalable ecosystem, we are finding a sweet spot of success for the businesses, investors, regulator and customers. Security, Simplicity, Agility & Scalable Business Solutions is what we are known for! W
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