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FAZRemit is an online service for individuals in the USA to send money to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. The multi-device compatible platform provides a personal dashboard for KYC-DNA cleared users to send money to their friends and family members’ bank accounts in real-time. With FAZRemit, Alpha Fortress has taken a step in the direction of bringing a drastic change In the segregated online remittance market of Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya.

Considered as high-risk zones for financial transactions, and because of advance due diligence requirements and stringent financial regulations, only selective banks and International Money Transfer Operators (IMTOs) became in charge of the entire market. However, we entered into this market with a clear vision - To provide an online platform to a specific diaspora in the USA that can transfer funds to the ones in need within real time at a feasible rate.

Why We Started FAZRemit ?

  • Only 40% of Nigerians, Kenyans, and Ghanaians are banked whose loved ones sending money are paying unjustified transaction fees for international payments.
  • For KYC verification and customer on-boarding, Banks and IMTOs take anywhere from a few days in 1st world countries to a few weeks in developing nations.
  • De-banking, because of strict AML/CFT laws, made millions of individuals lose their bank accounts. It further poses a threat to millions of underbanked as well as banked individuals in these developing countries who are trying to make
  • 37% unbanked population in these countries relies on the informal revenue inflow because of lack of proper financial infrastructure and uncertainty

So, the natives residing in these countries in African subcontinent have a problem that they are looking for an effective solution. This poses a huge threat of unregulated money flow in and out of the countries, consequently, impeding the overall national economy, and individuals who deserve a better service

Features of FAZRemit

Bringing the Best to The Table


  1. Registration

    By Email ID or Phone number

  2. KYC Verification

    Using KYC DNA

  3. Beneficiary Addition

    From your Dashboard

  4. Successful Transactions

    Through Payment Gateway


  1. Onboarding Process

    Along with a free demo of Dashboard after email or phone number verification

  2. Document Submission

    With just 1 Identification document and 1 Address proof

  3. Dashboard Management

    To view, store, save and manage all the transactions

  4. Customer Support

    Through Live Chat and Email

Affordable Pricing Structure

Amount Service Fee
All Bill Payment $3 Flat fee
Up to $499.99 Money Transfer $8.99
$500 to $999.99 Money Transfer $11.99
$1000 to $2499.99 Money Transfer 2%

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