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Payout is a reverse payment gateway for sending money from the US and UK to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Receive funds in real-time in your account, irrespective of source or destination, location, time and end-parties. Our algorithm automatically selects the best responsive payment gateway for instant fund transfer.

Why Payouts ?

A Better Alternative for Your Business Payouts

  • Automatic payment processing

    Removing manual intervention and human error

  • Instant Successful Payments

    Eliminating undefined and payment-gateway dependent waiting time

  • Seamless API Integrations with existing and planned software

    Saving your development time

  • Single Dashboard for Custom Relationship Management

    Overcoming non-flexible & complex interfaces

  • 24x7 responsive customer support

    No more slow, frustrating and next-to-no response

Features of Payouts

What do You Get?

‘Bulk Payouts’ option for:

  • Disbursement of cashback and refunds
  • Paying salaries of employees
  • Releasing funds to event organizers for Event bookings

International transactions from:

  • United States of America, and
  • United Kingdom

International transactions to:

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana, and
  • Kenya

Security and Reliability Guaranteed with:

  • KYC DNA clearance
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance
  • ISO Certification

Multiple payment gateway integration for:

  • Overcoming technical infrastructural issues
  • Zero delay in disbursements

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