Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

  CogniDNA is an AI-driven deep search engine that penetrates the hidden walls and uncovers even the most hidden information to build a 360-degree report of an individual, company and business transaction. This proprietary technology makes CogniDNA one of its kind tool for instant background verification, KYC, KYCC, and KYCCB.  

Why We Built CogniDNA?

Before CogniDNA...

  • $26 billion worth penalty has been imposed on institutions in the last decade for not adhering to local KYC regulations

  • 307 new employees (on an average) were hired by Financial firms in 2017, up from only 68 employees in 2016. JPMorgan added 5,000 employees to their compliance team and spent an additional $1 billion on controls.

  • 85% of customers consider KYC verification a bad experience

  • 12% of companies migrated to a different bank due to KYC issues.

What Does CogniDNA Search For?

Including but not limited to...

  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

  • Financial Crime

  • Adverse Media

  • Frauds

  • Narcotics

  • Terrorism

  • Sanctions and Watchlist Coverage: OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT

  • Forgery and Counterfeiting


Features of CogniDNA

Into the World of Tech !

  • A standard RESTful API for smooth integration with the existing infrastructure

  • Granular access to ACL-designed system suitable for role-based accountability

  • A solution to an incompetent KYC and BGV system and technology

  • Regularly updating and improving Deep Learning Algorithm for better results

  • Scalable technical architecture to attach manual reports

  • Deep data crawling on multiple AML and CFT repositories

  • Best-in-industry SRE, Container and Kubernetes technologies used for scalability

  • Seamless integration of CogniDNA reports with CogniKYC decentralized ledger

  • Instant response for individuals, companies and business transactions

Inside CogniDNA...

Elements of CogniDNA

  • CogniSPK - Autotranscribes the documents, translates them into English, Spanish, French, German and Simplified Chinese making CogniDNA a multi-lingual application.

  • CogniID - AI-driven document verification tool that checks the validity of the information and the document(s) provided by checking it on open-source and closed source data repositories.

  • CogniGEO - Verifies the location using documents, email, IP address and more and raises a red flag in case of any discrepancy during address verification.

  • CogniDORA - AI-driven deep web search engine that checks digital web-footprints on search engines, social media websites, deep web and dark web.

  • CogniFACE - Uses webcam and mobile cameras for in-person verification of an individual using gesture-based facial recognition to overcome identity theft.

How Does CogniDNA Work?

Data Mining at Its Best

We Search For... Structured & Unstructured data

FROM Public & Private Data Sources

ON Surface Web, Deep Web & Dark Web

Why Do You Need CogniDNA?

  With CogniDNA, background checks, identity verification and regulatory compliance are no more tedious manual procedures or a burden on you or your team. CogniDNA is an unmatched accessory for individuals and businesses to know who they are dealing with, especially for Financial Institutions to perform mandatory regulatory checks without any delay in their current operations and for instant onboarding of their clients.